Nintendo Switch Update: What Are The First Games For The Console Handheld Hybrid?

First Look at Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch system is also expected to allow the gamers to play the same title at any time, any place, and with anyone they choose. Photo : YouTube / Nintendo

Now that Nintendo has finally revealed their upcoming gaming system, I call it such since there's no official term for 'console slash hand-held hybrid' yet. Well, maybe that's the term right there. Anyway, the presentation was great, lots of features showcased and some games. The reveal video also showed several games played on the device which would lead to my question, 'what are the first games to come out of Nintendo NX?' Will it be exclusive first-party, or is it sprinkled with several third-party games?

I observed the video, played it back several times to note what games were on the feature video. I then went online to confirm the data and it seems my observations were correct. The Verge matches my list of six games being featured on Nintendo Switch's 3 minute reveal video. Here they are, in no particular order:

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Also upcoming for the Wii U, Breath of the Wild raises excitement for Zelda fans as it will be out by March of next year. The game is an open-world action adventure game. Its reported cooking system reminds me of Fallout 4 so with that, expect a lot of adventure hours - say a hundred hours at least? Maybe this would be the time that I'd pick up another Zelda game, last one being in the NES days.


Well, would you look at that, Skyrim will be on Nintendo Switch? You mean you can go places and at the same time be a Dragonborn? Count me in! This third-party game is one of the most exciting titles to be released for the Console Hand-held hybrid. Question is, can I import my PC progress to this one? It will be a lot of hard work to start at the bottom.

Mario Kart

The game that destroys friendships is back in the glory days of couch gaming. Not to mention a lot of destroyed N64 controllers. Well maybe this time, we will be more mature and end the games with handshakes instead of throwing that brand new Nintendo Switch device to your friend's face. Good luck to us all.


No confirmation yet if this is a 2K title but sports games should be a part of this new gaming device. The Nintendo Switch is designed for parties and what better way to enjoy that than to setup a mini tournament for your friends. With NBA in the list I'm pretty sure other sports will follow such us FIFA and WWE.

Super Mario

Nintendo systems would be nothing without Super Mario. So they had to make one for the Nintendo Switch. The video shows little seconds of it and it looks promising. I wouldn't explain much about this as we all know what a Mario platformer is.


Splatoon, originally from the Wii U, gets a makeover and joins the Nintendo Switch lineup of awesome games. The third-person shooter earned a Metacritic score of 81%. With a high rating like that, I'm sure it will make a good game for the new system. Let's just hope this won't be another Mario Kart case.

No official statement yet has been released that these games will be coming for the Nintendo Switch but based on the videos, there is high probability that they will be among the first games to be released. We will, however, post news when the games are officially announced. For now, hit us with your thoughts via the comments section. Below is a video commentary on what the Nintendo NX game line up might be, now known as Nintendo Switch. 

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