Civilization 6 Complete Civ Guide: Leader, Unique Building, Unique Unit, Ability [Part 1]

Civilization 6 Winter Update Contains A Lot Of AI Improvements, Polish And Vikings
Civilization 6 has a massive update this holiday season which includes additional content and AI improvements Photo : Sid Meier's Civilization/YouTube

Civilization 6 has finally arrived with a total of 19 civs. Quite many but they all just make the game more exciting. The title has added one more way to win: by conquering other civs through religion. There are newcomer civs as well that will make this strategy-based game all the more fun. In this guide, we'll learn about the civs and their unique traits. Enjoy part 1 of our Civilization 6 complete civ guide.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: America

America Leader: Theodore Roosevelt. Players can earn combat bonus when fighting on the home continent and an appeal bonus with national parks with his ability called Roosevelt Corollary. Roosevelt's unique unit is called Rough Riders that have combat bonus when fighting in hills and culture bonus for kills on the home continent.

America Unique Building: Film Studio. The building gives 100 percent Tourism pressure to other civs exclusively in the modern era.

America Unique Unit: P-51 Mustang. It is a fighter aircraft with 50 percent bonus on experience, deals extra damage and has a wider range.

America Ability: The Founding Fathers. It allows players to earn government legacy bonuses 50 percent faster.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Arabia

Arabia Leader: Saladin, the first sultan of Syria and Egypt. His ability called Righteousness of the Faith will get players to buy worship buildings at one-tenth of the usual cost. He does not have his own unique unit, unlike America's Roosevelt.

Arabia Unique Building: The Madrasa. It gives faith through adjacency bonus. Players can also earn more science output from the building than from the university.

Arabia Unique Unit: Mamluk. It is horse unit that can heal itself at the end of every turn.

Arabia Ability: The Last Prophet. This always grants Arabia the last Great Prophet, if they still do not have it. This would allow them to always have a religion.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Aztecs

Aztecs Leader: Montezuma I, a 15th-century leader. His ability Gifts for the Tlataoni allows the luxury resources provide amenities to two cities. Military units also get one power for every luxury resource exploited.  

Aztecs Unique Building: Tlachtli. It provides a lot of bonuses: faith, amenity and Great General points.

Aztecs Unique Unit: Eagle Warrior. Improved versions of the Warrior unit that captures other civ's military units and turn them into builders.

Aztecs Ability: Legend of the Five Suns. It speeds up the districts' construction using builder units.

Aztecs Note: This civ is only available now to those who pre-ordered Civilization 6. To those who didn't, you will get to play this civ on Jan. 19, 2017.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Brazil

Brazil Leader: Pedro II from the 19th century. His special ability Magnanimous allows players to get back 20 percent of the Great Person points after recruiting.

Brazil Unique District: Street Carnival. It grants a bonus in amenities and allows to build Carnival Project, which turns production into amenities. Players will also get extra Great People points when it's finished.

Brazil Unique Unit: Minas Geraes. It can be unlocked by Nationalism and is stronger than Battleship.

Brazil Ability: Amazon: Rainforest. It provides a lot of adjacency bonus for Holy Site, Theatre Square, Campus and Commercial districts and a housing bonus for adjacent Neighborhoods.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: China

China Leader: Qin Shi Huang from third century BC. His ability The First Emperor allows players to spend Builder charges for the wonder cost. This is only applicable to Ancient and Classical wonders.

China Unique Infrastructure: The Great Wall. It provides gold and defense at first, then culture and tourism later. Take note, however, that builders are needed for expansions.

China Unique Unit: Crouching Tiger Cannon. There are no special resources required to build it. It has high power, but it is a short-range unit.

China Ability: Dynastic Cycle. It gives more bonuses from Eureka and Inspiration events.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Egypt

Egypt Leader: Cleopatra, the famed pharaoh. She boosts trade routes provisions that allow Egypt to get more gold using her special ability Mediterranean Bride.

Egypt Unique Infrastructure: Sphinx. Gives culture bonus and even more faith when placed next to a wonder.

Egypt Unique Unit: Maryannu Chariot Archer. It is faster in an open terrain and has a one-hex ranged attack.

Egypt Ability: Iteru. Players can build wonders and districts faster when they are built next to a river.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: England

England Leader: Queen Victoria. With her ability Pax Britannica, a free melee unit will be given to found or conquered cities outside the home continent. She also has her own unique unit with combat boosts called Redcoat, which can be gained by researching Military Science.

England Unique Infrastructure: Royal Navy Dockyard. It gives movement bonus to ships built here and Gold bonus when built in an outside continent.

England Unique Unit: Sea Dog. It is a naval unit that can attack enemy ships. It cannot be easily seen.

England Ability: British Museum. It allows Archaeological museums to hold six artifacts instead of three. It also allows for more production of archaeologists.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: France

France Leader: Catherine de Medici, a queen for 12 years. Her special ability Catherine's Flying Squadron can offer more information from civs she meets. It also gets you another Spy after researching Castles.

France Unique Building: Chateau. Built next to rivers, it provides culture, more if built next to a wonder. It also provides extra gold if placed next to a luxury resource.

France Unique Unit: Garde Imperiale. It provides Great General points for every kill and receives a combat strength buff when fighting on home continent.

France Ability: Grand Tour. It doubles the tourism for any wonder. Also, it gives 20 percent on production towards wonders from Medieval, Renaissance and Industrial eras.

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