Civilization 6 Tips And Tricks: How To Lead Your Civ To Religious Victory

Civilization 6 Tips And Tricks: How To Lead Your Civ To Religious Victory
Aiming for a Civilization 6 Religious Victory? Here are some tips to help you with that. Photo : Sid Meier's Civilization/YouTube

Civilization 6 has officially launched, offering players the unique experience of managing one of the world's most popular civilizations and conquering others. You can win via five ways: Score, Dominance, Science, Cultural and Religious, the last of which is a new type of victory. To lead towards a Religious Victory, you will need to pick the right civilization and do the right steps in order to make other Civs bow down to your religion.

In order to achieve a religious victory, over 50 percent of every civilization must be followers of your religion. This means that you have to send numerous Missionaries and Apostles to spread the faith. There are certain strategies to dramatically increase your chances of conquering the world by religion and the first step is to pick the right civ for a huge religion boost.

Civilization 6 Religious Victory Guide: How To Pick The Right Civ For The Job

Civs in Civilization 6 have differing specialties. To win a Religious victory, you must choose which one is best suited for the job. According to Associate Producer Sarah Darney, the best route is to go for Scythia with its leader Tomyris. Thanks to Kurgans, which "are great because they generate you faith," you can get ahead of other Civs early in the faith game.

Another option you can explore is going for India with Mahatma Gandhi. He is a leader of religion, so it is logical to pick him for a Religious Victory. You will also receive bonus faith if you place the unique improvement Stepwell next to a holy site.

The Spaniards are also a good choice. The Spain Civ has a lot of bonus faith that can boost your way into having a Civilization 6 Religious Victory. Capture other cities and they will bow down to your religion instantly.

Civilization 6 Religious Victory Guide: Other Tips To Conquer By Religion

Get Jerusalem and La Venta on your side ASAP. Per iDigitalTimes, the Suzerain bonus from each city-state is useful for your mission for a Civ 6 Religious Victory. You would also need to build as many Holy Sites as soon as you can to get faith and Great Prophet points.

Then add Shrines, where you can buy Missionaries, and Temples, where you can buy Apostles, to the Holy Site to maximize the potential for a Religious attack. You'll need both to spread your religion as Apostles can both attack and defend against other Religion units while Missionaries can only defend. If an Apostle is dying, use Spread Religion so the winning Civ doesn't get a bonus.

The important thing is to not lose against other religions. There are other special buildings like Gurdwara, Pagoda, Wat and others that can generate faith and others. The buildings will depend on the beliefs, so you have to choose carefully.

Civilization 6 is a great game for those who like strategic games that offer more than killing your opponents or passing through obstacles. Whichever Victory you are aiming for, whether Science, Religious, Culture or others, you have to consider the strengths and weaknesses of your Civ and other Civs.

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