Civilization 6 Tips And Tricks: How To Lead Your Civ To Domination Victory

Civilization 6 Play Without Founding A City
Civilization 6 can actually be played without founding a city. Photo : Sid Meier's Civilization/YouTube

With the debut of Civilization 6, fans are quick to snag the latest tips and tricks to get ahead of the game. There are five types of Victory in the new title: Score, Cultural, Science, Religious and Domination.

We have already covered how to achieve a Religious Victory. Now, we'll talk about how to go on your way to Domination Victory. Here is a complete guide to help you with your quest.

Protect Your Own Capital

In Domination Victory, the last player in possession of its own capital wins. It may be good to capture other Civ's capitals but make sure to defend your own otherwise losing it might forfeit everything.

Stacking Your Units

Civilization 6 lets you stack units depending on the era a player is in. Industrial-era civic Nationalism allows the gamer to stack two land units to form a corps and two naval units to form a fleet. Meanwhile, the Modern-era Civic Mobilization allows you to stack three land units to create a squad and three naval units to build a navy.

One has to bear in mind that in order to bring more promotions, the player has to make sure to place the units next to each other and merge them. Support units adjacent to the appropriate unit provide an ability boost making your components much stronger.

Take Advantage Over Weak Communities

The secret to acquiring victory is to know which community you should tackle first. In this case, you will want to take advantage on smaller and weaker cities. The Colonial War casus belli allows you to declare war on weaker civilizations at least two eras behind you.

Meanwhile, the War Territorial Expansion which, can only be unlocked by Modern-Era civic Mobilization lets you declare war on a civilization bordering your empire so long as two of your cities are enclosed within the ten tiles of two opponent's cities. This reduces your penalties by 25 percent.

Policy Cards Help Cut Costs

In the game, policy cards play a vital role. Such policies reduce the cost per soldier (1 gold) and upgrade costs by 50 percent. If you want total domination, you have to keep your per soldier card in play at all times.

It takes three or four turns between policies to gain a massive soldier base. This is critically useful when you try to saturate cities while defending your own capital. There are also cards that reduce production costs for unit types.

Venetian Armory Doubles Your Naval Units

If you are thinking of the best arsenal to equip, the Venetian Armory is a must have as it automatically doubles the numbers of your naval fleets. Once you start stacking more, you may be tempted to run around the world. However, you should keep in mind that naval forces are much effective in defending your city than attacking another one.  

You should also watch for the Terracotta Army. It gives all current units promotion and it allows your archaeologists to go wherever they please without Open borders. Similarly, the great Lighthouse gives all naval units added mobility.


You can check the World Rankings Score found in the first icon in the top right bar. The World Rankings Screen shows every gamer's overall progress including their standings in several victory types.


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