Being Single Now A 'Disability,' Says World Health Organization

Nowadays, being single should be considered as optional. People are more liberated when it comes to the notion of a relationship status. There have been a lot of studies about benefits of marriage but being single shouldn't make it unhealthy. 

However, news has it that the World Health Organization is bound to change its definition of disabilities in order to categorize the people without sexual partner as "infertile". It is believed that one of the purposes of the controversial change is for those heterosexual single men and women, as well as gay men and women will have the same level of priority as couples have. Thus, access to public funding for In-vitro Fertilization treatment or IVF would also be made available to all sectors.

According to The Inquisitr, for the past years until today, after 12 months or more of having sexual intercourse, WHO sees it as infertility or the inability to produce a child. Now, having the organization to come up with its revised definition, it now aims to provide "the right to reproduce" for all individuals.

Gizmodo reports that for WHO's Dr. David Adamson, one of the authors of the new standards, believes that the move will bring out medical equality for all, as the new definition would include the rights of every individual to have a family regardless of sexual preference and gender identity that one has.

Additionally, Dr. Adamson claims that having the said revision makes it equal for all since whether or not a person has a partner, he has still got the right to reproduce. An essential consequence can also be carried out for countries whose government provides healthcare and public funding for IVF procedures. Furthermore, this move is also said to create a new level of international legal standards.

As of the present time, the World Health Organization is yet to make its new definition as official but news has it that they seem to be moving forward. So what's worse than being forever alone? Being forever alone and categorized by WHO has someone with a fertility disability. 

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