'Doctor Strange' Review: Reactions Of Marvel's Best Origin Movies Critics

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Oct 23, 2016 08:42 PM EDT

Marvel's Doctor Strange, latest voyage into its ever-enlarging cinematic universe, demonstrates both the best and the worst of the comic book to movie studio.

With that been said, the movie is visually ingenious, spiced with dense jokes, and exquisitely acted. However, the story's a little bit of a mess, with a script that's roughly two-thirds displayed and a main character arc that doesn't make a lick into shape.

But still, this movie is probably going to be successful in the big screen - especially Marvel die-hard fans.

Some of the pictures that director Scott Derrickson concocted are the sort of things you'd never believe that appears anywhere other than a comic book, at least, Tilda Swinton's execution as a guru who seemingly unbiased in whatever we miserable beings are up to is quite a lot.

There will be a full review, with extra comics settings, closer to when the film aired on Friday, November 4, 2016. Nothing else but, here are some critics who knows about Doctor Strange in comic.

The Hollywood Reporter - Todd McCarthy

"Non-specialists would not want to bet their lives on being able to identify which dimension the film occupies at any specific moment, but from a visual point of view the upshot is that Doctor Strange enters a dazzling zone in which whole slabs of the New York cityscape fold down, multiply and assume new configurations in ways that take their cue from Inception but go far beyond it in visual spectacle."

The Daily Beast - Jen Yamato

"Broadening the consciousness of the mind, and by extension the conscientiousness of the soul, is one of the decidedly atypical end goals Doctor Strange has in its sights despite the minefield of superhero origin story clichés it sweeps across to get there. Stacked with an excellent cast led by Benedict Cumberbatch and the singular Tilda Swinton in a captivating and controversial role, it's the most dazzling technical achievement of the franchise whose visual delights are worth the ticket price alone."

Doctor Strange isn't flawless, but feels remorse that Marvel is trying to push itself out of its comfort zone; and that is praiseworthy.

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