NBA Trade Rumors: Sacramento Kings To Let Go Ben McLemore And Darren Collison?

NBA trade rumors have caught up with Ben McLemore and Darren Collison as Sacramento Kings is speculated to let the two players off the team.

NBA trade rumors come and go especially with another season looming over and somehow it has reached Sacramento Kings. Rumor has it that two of its veteran players are going to be traded off for other players from other teams. And these two players rumored to leave the Kings team are Darren Collison and Ben McLemore.

Unfortunately for McLemore, it seems that him leaving Sacramento Kings might just be true. It has been reported that McLemore, who is the team's guard, has not signed any contract extension nor was there any offer from his own team. The best move Kings can do for McLemore is trade him off instead of leaving him as a free agent. At least with trading him off, they will be getting another player in the exchange.

McLemore has failed to give his best performance as a player in the Sacramento Kings, which cost him his game. Because he did not live up to the team's expectations, he was forced to more bench time and less play on the court. With little chances of playing, he recorded a very low 7.8 points each game. McLemore has to play well if he intends to continue playing with Sacramento Kings, otherwise, he would be forced to play for another team.

As for Darren Collison, there are rumors that he might be traded off with Miami Heat or even the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rumor has it that the Cavs are also earnestly looking for a veteran point guard hence eyeing on Collison and even McLemore. Collison's trade off could be mainly because of this recent suspension from 8 games following a case of domestic violence incident. The domestic violence incident took place back in May and it involved his wife,

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