NBA Trade Rumors: LaMarcus Aldridge To Leave San Antonio Spurs?

Basketball player LaMarcus Aldridge of San Antonio Spurs has just been recently rumored to be up for trade as his current team has disclosed earlier that it is open to the idea of trading him.

NBA trade rumors are nothing new especially nowadays when teams and game plays are getting more serious. LaMarcus Aldridge, unfortunately, finds him in the center of an NBA trade rumor when it was revealed that Spurs is open to trading him. Aldridge after being drafted in Portland Trailblazer and spending nine seasons with the said team, switched and signed with San Antonio Spurs in 2015. With this put into light, fans have kept mum and discreetly pointed out that trade rumor seems like a far-fetched idea especially when Aldridge had just played one season with Spurs. A joke, or it might seems is even making rounds saying that Aldridge might just be placed in Boston Celtics.

The NBA trade rumor sprang when sources said that Aldridge being in Spurs did not work out how they planned and thought it would be. Despite delivering a good play, Spurs have said that Aldridge frustrated the team when the professional basketball player failed to deliver his role as star offense. Experts have pointed out that trading Aldridge early will most likely endanger the Spurs team. San Antonio Spurs is known in NBA as the most stable team because of its line-up of long-term veteran basketball players. Playing either center or point forward, Aldridge should be given more credit and venue to showcase his skills and prove his worth to Spurs.

LaMarcus Aldridge is an American professional basketball player who entered into a four-year contract with San Antonio Spurs in July 2015. Being the talented player that he is, he has been selected few times for the All-NBA Team and even selected five times as well for NBA All-Star games.

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