Apple Inc. Continue Challenging Tesla’s Autonomous Cars: Talks Of Buying McLaren Are Out

Apple Inc., manufacturer for world-renowned computers and mobile devices, may be on another innovative idea as a number or rumors are spread of then developing their first electric car.

An Apple employee started the rumors on February 2015 that a new electric car is under development and that it will "give Tesla a run for its money". Tesla has been producing smart cars and has been in the business of electric cars since 2003. Will Apple, being one of the worlds top producer for reliable computers and mobile device, be able to catch up more than a decade of work and research by Tesla?

Various reports mention that the iCar is codenamed 'Project Titan". Information of the car is still under a lot of questions as some employees say that they are building an electric car, while some state that it is going to be an autonomous vehicle, thus raising concerns regarding the credibility of the said employees.

Here are some reports that may shed some light to the said credibility issues:

Apple is apparently in talks of buying British supercar maker McLaren. It is said that they plan to buy the company in aims of incorporating their technology and knowledge with McLaren.

Some are speculating about the report, as Apple does not have any history of creating any transport vehicle. McLaren has been doing research on optimizing their cars on their own, although they may also be on the road of Autonomous cars, thus making them need additional resources that Apple can possible provide.

However, a Mclaren spokesperson denied that the company is not in talks with any company for any tie-up or takeover. Even with the spokespersons statement, rumors are still spreading that McLaren is asking for a £1.5 billion purchase price.

Up to this date, only speculations and rumors can be found online regarding Project Titan. And that Apple is interested in McLaren because of their vast knowledge and experience in Formula 1 racing. These factors can be a big asset in developing the first Apple smart car as Formula 1 experts exert a tremendous amount of time in researching and developing various means of perfecting their cars.

It is also not impossible for this tie-up to happen in the near future as the future of autonomous cars is vastly approaching. With Tesla already on the Model 3 Autonomous car, Apple or McLaren will most likely work together to catch up with fast growing Tesla.

Either way, it is still going to be a win-win situation for consumers, as it is only a matter of time before a company such as Tesla, Apple or McLaren develops the smart car of the future.

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