Nintendo Switch List of All Features Include Touchscreen, GPS, Etc.

Nintendo might have decided that they won't say anything more about the Switch but their patents for the console are accurate, then Nintendo Switch will be a digital paradise.

The gaming company said that there's more to the Nintendo Switch although they did not specify what they were. In a leaked image of the console's sketches, it will have a touchscreen, gyroscope, motion tracker, GPS, image recognition, and compass. Although all of these features will not come all at once in the premiere release of the Nintendo Switch, fans already have an idea what the future of the console is.

Aside from these, there was an earlier patent released in August which revealed that the console has a lot more input and output methods. Some of the features shown in that patent also include a vibration motor, speaker, and microphone.

The most interesting feature shown in the sketch, however, showed a bunch of holes at the right side of the device. This bunch of light includes a light-emitting distance sensor, an infrared camera, and an infrared projector. The function of these buttons is to detect motion, shape, and gestures from the hand of the user and project them on the screen.

Further patents published in the next months after the first gave more details how these features will be utilized in the console. Some of them include the ability of the console to detect what the user is holding in their hands, answering math questions by flashing the correct number of fingers, and steering a car.

The patent also mentioned that the camera and sensors at the side of the console gives the Nintendo Switch the ability to verify the type of controller and communicate with it. This gives us a hint that the Switch will be able to use different types of controller.

These features might come in the future as the recent launch of the Nintendo Switch did not give any hints about them. On one hand, this is a big possibility since the game company has a history of making innovations in the game industry.

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