Meet The Surface Studio: Microsoft's All-In-One Desktop

By Adie Pie , Oct 25, 2016 03:58 AM EDT

Hours away from its scheduled October 26 event and one of Microsoft's most awaited releases finally has an official name. The Surface Studio, which has been claimed as the name for the company's All-In-One desktop, is expected to wow audiences and the public. Along with its impressive design and features, the device should properly showcase the power of Windows 10 Redstone 2.

According to a report by The Trademark Ninja, Microsoft first filed a trademark application for a "Surface Laptop" on October 14, as well as another trademark for "3D Paint." While these do not come as surprises, as it has been well accepted that the company is updating its Paint feature. However, the publication then goes on to claim that the Redmond-based company might be responsible for the trademark filings for "Surface Studio," "Surface Dial" and "Dial" as well.

Apparently, an unknown Slovenian company has applied for these, along with one for "Surface." All the applications run under on one computer software or hardware. What really ties Microsoft to the Slovenian company, however, is the law firm that represents it. The company has been responsible for applying the Microsoft's trademarks in the past.

This recent report only coincides with another from ZDNet, which claimed that the Surface All-In-One desktop could turn a user's desk into a studio of some sort. This modular device would reportedly run on Windows 10 would be a consumer-friendly version of the company's Surface Hub. Furthermore, the AIO desktop would use Perceptive Pixel Screen technology, which is at the core of Surface Hub.

This is all speculation at this point, but the waiting time from now until the official release of the Surface All-In-One Desktop - now also called the Surface Studio or the Surface Cardinal - will be a brief one. Microsoft's event will be held in New York on October 28. Though the Surface Studio is expected to blow audiences away, the event will heavily focus on the updates that have been made to Windows 10.

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