NBA Trade Rumors: James Young Or R.J. Hunter To Be Traded By The Celtics? What Are The Chances Of The Phoenix Suns?

By Joseph S. , Oct 25, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Opening night is fast approaching and NBA fans won't have to wait any longer for confirmations of what team will get Hunter or Young. Recent NBA trade rumors indicated that R.J. Hunter is done with the Boston Celtics. His team is said to be searching for a trade partner who's willing to take in the shooting guard. A deal may be arrived at pretty soon in this regard.

Hunter Is Already Moving After Only One Season With The Celtics

Things are going pretty fast with R.J. Hunter. He was taken by Boston in the NBA's second round draft, but it seems he is moving again to another team. Boston Celtics trading Hunter is more practical compared to the other NBA trade rumors going around in the last few weeks.

There is currently a fight for the last spot on the team's roster. This spot has dwindled down to just two players, James Young and R.J. Hunter. Some NBA trade rumors say if the team only had its way; it would likely keep the two. Although Hunter is the better shooter, Young is more agile, a crafty defender and more athletic.

 Predictions Are Cautious About The Chances Of The Phoenix Suns

There are some analysts who dare to predict the chances of the Phoenix Suns in the forthcoming NBA season. This season's opening is scheduled this week and the Phoenix Suns will host the Sacramento Kings this Wednesday night in their home court. This will kick off their 2016 to 2017 campaign for the NBA Championship. What are the chances of them making it to the finals?

The Phoenix Suns posted a record of .500 last season on Nov. 25, 2015. An analyst said that if he would be asked who has the greater chances: the Cubs reaching the World Series, or the Suns getting to the playoffs? He said his answer would be the latter. NBA fans will see what happens as the next season unfolds.

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