November To Have 15 Days Of Darkness? Rumors Of Alleged NASA Announcement Shock Many

By Sai , Oct 25, 2016 05:45 PM EDT

When Newswatch33 brought out a write up in mid-2015 allegedly stating NASA's confirmation that the Earth will be able to experience and witness 15 days of total darkness in November of 2015, caused a large scale number of citizens to be in a widespread panic. Is there underlying evidence to prove that this is true?

The saiwrite-upup claims that from 15th November to 29th November 2015, Earth will have to face total darkness. In the article, it was even explained by unknown NASA officials that the blackout in the month of November will be caused by the parallelism of Venus and Jupiter.

By now, if you are thinking that the said article seems impossible, that's because it really is!

As per Morning News USA, NASA has already clarified that Newswatch33's claim is totally false and fake without any authenticated evidence. In one of their investigations, it was found that the hoax had actually started by a website named Additionally, NASA emphasizes that in over 1 million years, the probability of this phenomenon from happening is far from being possible, hence, it is considered that it will never happen.

Daily Star has revealed that the only thing that will be affected by the said apocalyptic phenomenon is the polar caps and that it has already been clarified by authorities that no one should be alarmed as it will be just the same as what people in the state of Alaska experience in winter, which is basically a normal happening.

Meanwhile, authorities have claimed that the website Newswatch33 is not an official and established news source. Charles Bolden, a real official from NASA has already spoken about the issue that the write up is purely a hoax and the public has also been advised to refrain from ever believing it.

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