Apple Could Be Working On A Car OS In Canada, Focuses On Building Software Than A Car

By Jiran , Oct 26, 2016 06:53 AM EDT

Google and Tesla are both developing cars that will really be capable of self-driving or full autonomy. It only seems fitting that Apple will follow suit. However, the tech giant has something else in mind than an actual car. Apple could be working on a car operating system. This may serve as a foundation for the self-driving technology that Apple wants to achieve.

Apple Software Engineers In Canada

According to Bloomberg, sources knowledgeable about the matter revealed that Apple Inc. has dozens of software engineers in Canada. Apparently, they are building a car operating system near the automotive software service provider QNX. Particularly, an Apple office is only a five-minute walk to QNX.

Though this project is secret, further details were disclosed.

The sources added that around two dozen of these engineers came from Blackberry Ltd.'s acquisition. It's not surprising that Apple has been hiring people from QNX. The retired QNX Chief Executive Office Dan Dodge and Senior Engineer Derrick Keefe have already joined Apple. In fact, Dodge is actively monitoring the said Apple's car OS.

Apple's Car OS

A car OS may be a good idea for Apple. It can work as the driving force for an eventual hardware. Apple's hugely popular iPhones continue to thrive on the iOS. Apple can still pursue building their own car. If this car OS works right, it's going to be instrumental for Apple's venture in the automotive market.

For now, Apple seems to focus on the software. Apparently, there's also another team that is building a software that will be used in self-driving cars. Of course, this will be designed to run on the said car OS. Apple is taking a different approach to achieving full autonomous cars.

Bloomberg reports that a person also familiar with this subject said that Apple's digital assistant Siri might be integrated into the system.

What Is Apple's Strategy?

According to TechCrunch, Apple is focused on autonomous driving technology rather than an actual car. Apple's possible strategy is to integrate their technology into the cars of existing automakers.

However, this project could be canceled. Apple's car team should have a promising demo before the end of 2017.

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