Razer Blade Pro: A Gaming Laptop Sent 20 Years From The Future

By Staff writer , Oct 27, 2016 03:53 AM EDT

When Razer is going to release something, whether it's a gaming PC or a gaming laptop, it is definitely going to be noticed for its crafty design and its all-powerful RGB lightning system. With that being said, the company has recently announced its upcoming Razer Blade Pro, which according to Razer, is going to be a gaming laptop sent 20 years from the future. Featuring a 17.3-inch IGZO display along with a 4K resolution, the gaming laptop is going to be an extraordinary gaming piece that will truly impress any gamer who gets their hands on it.

The Razer Blade will be lighter than most gaming laptops

As per reports, The Razer Blade Pro is going to feature the gaming industry's first ever low-profile mechanical keyboard. Typical mechanical keys that are incorporated on gaming laptops add a lot of bulkiness to them, which is why Razer made a keyboard that will not only give you that mechanical keyboard pressing sensation, but also the convenience of being able to bring your gaming laptop anywhere without much pressure.

Why the Blade is the Laptop of the future

Underneath this powerful gaming laptop is an Intel i7-6700HQ quad-core processor with a NVIDIA GTX 1080 present. With this incorporated, you are going to enjoy playing on the 4K resolution, and if next-gen games are too demanding, you can just dial that resolution down to your convenience. The Razer Blade Pro also provides a lot of connectivity which includes a USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. What truly makes the Blade the laptop of the future is a number of features present that makes would truly make it an effective desktop replacement.

The Razer Blade - Expensive yet worth it

Razer hasn't given any details regarding how much the Blade Pro is going to cost, but according to some reports, it could cost at least $3,699, which is way too expensive for the average gamer. But if you truly want the best, and if you think only Razer produces the best, then you should be ready to save that much money in order to buy the all-powerful Razer Blade Pro. Quality doesn't come cheap.

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