Nintendo Switch Latest News: Games In Trailer Not Coming To Console; 2 Million Sales Target On Launch Achievable?

Nintendo Switch trailer was released last week, revealing the much awaited features of the console, including the game's concepts and gameplay footage. However, Nintendo has announced that the games will not be coming to the upcoming device.

According to the hardware maker of Nintendo Switch, they wanted to relay a message through a self-contained video how the console speaks for a new generation of video game systems. Moreover, the trailer also appeared to have cautioned by fans to never believe that the video represents the actual game footage, and that other details on the first-party games will be revealed later. This could mean that Switch's trailer was made to reveal the portable features instead of the launch lineup.

Nintendo Switch list of compatible games that has been previously published following the clip's launch is rumored to unlikely end up on the store shelves. Reports also suggest that the displayed products would not reach the stores, this is actually not a new decision for the company. While Nintendo does not seem to have any plan of discussing the games yet, speculations suggest  a likely announcement of the console's tech specs, battery life and software next year, prior to its official release in March 2017.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch is expected to ship 2 million units prior the end of the fiscal year in March. According to reports, the Japan-based company is hopeful that things would turn around with the console, given its current financial dismal. Reports also suggest that the 2 million system release is smaller compared to the number of Wii U systems shipped when the console was released in 2012. However, the comparison  is seen as not useful, given the fact that the number of Switch units is expected to represent less than a month of sales, as compared to more than a month for the Wii U's launch quarter.

Nintendo Switch is believed to be different from 3DS, as the upcoming console would not serve as a replacement for the said system, ARSTechnica reported. Watch video about Nintendo Will Ship Less Switch Consoles Than Wii U at Launch here:

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