GTA 6 Release Date: No More 'Grand Theft Auto' Title Coming Soon?

The Rockstar title GTA 6 is still clouded with mystery. As of now, fans and industry observers cannot get concrete evidence that Rockstar is now working on the title. Reports even suggest that players should not expect a release date anytime soon.

GTA 6 Release Date Not Coming Soon?

GTA 5 was released way back in 2013. Considering this, fans are expecting another installment soon. However, with the lack of updates from Rockstar regarding GTA 6, players are getting disheartened. It seems that the developer is focusing on its current offerings rather than on the sequel.

Upon observing the release date patterns of all the GTA titles, fans have pinpointed the possible GTA 6 launch date in 2018. But with Rockstar's silence, speculations and rumors started going around, stating that there is no more game from the franchise can be expected in the near future.

GTA 6 Release Date Delayed To 2020?

More recent rumors suggest that GTA 6 may be launched four years from now, in 2020. This would break the pattern as it would be a full seven years after its predecessor's release date. Right now, DLCs for GTA 5 Online are not slowing down, suggesting that the developer is not willing to let go of it too soon.

Other rumors about the GTA 6 launch date is that it was delayed due to budgeting issues. The costs of creating it are apparently too high mainly due to the rumored VR support that will come with it. Rockstar shelled out $265 million for GTA 5 and that figure could easily balloon to an astounding price in the next title.

Once GTA 6 comes online though, it is expected that it will still be set in United States. Rumors of a woman protagonist and setting in the past still have to be confirmed. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy the latest GTA Online Halloween offerings.

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