GTA Online Halloween Event Begins Friday, Here's What To Expect

GTA Halloween Event Online Begins On Friday
GTA Online will have its Halloween event this Friday, Oct. 28 and plenty of surprises for players. Photo : NoughtPointFourLIVE/YouTube

This Friday, Oct. 28, Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween event will take place. New modes like Angels vs. Devils, bike and more are expected. GTA also has an additional $250,000 GTA$ bonus for players who will log in to the event.

GTA Online Halloween Event And Anniversary

Halloween is just around the corner and game developers are now announcing Halloween-themed games for the occasion. This coming Friday, GTA Online will also have its own Halloween event to celebrate. On top of that, GTA Online will also have its third year anniversary since its making.

With the Halloween event for GTA Online, gamers should look forward to a new mode where players are divided between teams of angels and demons. A new version of the LCC Sanctus motorcycle featuring a skull with glowing red eyes is also available. There are also plenty of bonuses and new additions to celebrate not just the Halloween, but also GTA Online's third year anniversary.

Lost Vs Damned Adversary Mode

The new Lost vs Damned Adversary Mode allows players to choose their team between angels and devils and fight head-to-head with each other. The new mode has a transition of a 60-second day and night cycles for each team to get their equal advantage. Of course, devils get the upper hand during the night when they get increased health, better weapon loadout and armor. The same also holds true for the angels who get the best of their strength during the day.

Halloween-Themed And Anniversary Vehicles

To make their Halloween event complete, GTA will also add themed vehicles from last year and new ones this year. Rockstar Games will also announce extra bonuses once the Halloween event goes live this Friday. To appease waiting players, GTA already added a new version of the Pegassi Vortex motorcycle which retails at $356,000. It would be a steep price but GTA Online added bonuses to help player afford their latest bike.

There's also an anniversary sale of fan-favorite items until the first week of November to celebrate GTA Online's third year. Players can get 30 percent off on items like Grotti Turismo R from Business, Valkyrie from Heists, Besra Jet from Flight School and Hakuchou Drag Bike from Bikers to name a few.

Hefty Payouts

Of course, the highlight of the Halloween event for GTA Online is the premium motorcycle race, Nightlife. All participants to the game will get a triple RP. Hefty payouts await those who will be the top three finishers to the race. Just no cheating, though. Rockstar recently deleted trillions of dollars to punish gamers who cheat and tightened their policy.

Bonus GTA$

Starting this Friday until Oct. 31, every player who will log on to play GTA Online on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will get an additional bonus GTA$ of $250,000. The gift funds will be credited to a player's Maze bank account by Nov. 4, so there are still plenty of time to buy the anniversary vehicles that are on sale until Nov. 7.

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