Can The 2016 MacBook Pro Give Apple A Much-Needed Boost In Revenue? Not If Microsoft Can Help It

By Luis Fran , Oct 27, 2016 03:39 PM EDT
MacBook Pro is probably the best laptop ever made, but it will have to fight against the Surface Studio in the market, until Apple releases its 2017 iMac. (Photo : Youtube/ Apple)

The 2016 MacBook Pro has just been released, and the big question is not only how spectacular will be, but also if it's going to be successful enough to increase Apple´s revenue. How a device affects its manufacturer's revenue is not precisely the element that determines how great a product is, but it determines its importance in the market.

According to Mac Rumors, the company and many analysts are projecting a year-over-year decline in the iPhone sales and overall revenue for a third consecutive quarter. Actually, Apple will have posted its first full-year revenue decline since 2001, with the decline expected to continue through the holiday quarter.

In fact, some analysis has shown that the declining sales across Apple´s entire core product lineup, includes iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch units and 5 million Macs, which represent a 13 percent decrease in the year over year growth. The 2016 MacBook Pro's main mission will be to raise these numbers and improve Apple´s economic value.

Although Wall Street projects that the company will return to growth in 2017, Apple is looking for a boost in its revenue with the MacBook Pro, which is likely to be one of the best laptops ever created, and one of the most perfect and well-designed products made by Apple.

MacBook Pro Prices

Far from being an exclusive-priced product, the 2016 MacBook Pro will have various prices depending on different features and configurations, which is an excellent strategy to increase its revenue, by having different offers according to buyers requirements.

According to Redmond Pie, the 13-inch base model without the Touch Bar and Touch ID and 3 Thunderbolt 3 ports will cost $1499 for Intel Core i5, 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM. This same model with the Touch Bar and Touch ID will cost $1,799 for Intel Core i5 plus 256 GB SSD plus 8 GB RAM. For its part, the 15-inch Retina base model will cost the same for 1 TB SSD plus 16 GB RAM, and $1,999 for faster processor plus 2TB SSD plus 16 GB RAM.

Although it might seem that the MacBook Pro could be the Apple´s Holy Grail for the rest of the year and for 2017, there´s a big obstacle that could represent a huge threat to the company´s interest to increase its revenue, and is not precisely another laptop. Believe it or not, its biggest enemy is the new Microsoft desktop.

The Surface Studio Could Be The MacBook Pro´s Nemesis

The technology market is characterized for being a wild jungle where everyone competes against anyone, no matter if is not the same kind of product. If you add to that equation an important brand, the savagery increases even more, considering that most of the times the name of the trademark is even more important than the product itself.

Although Apple has always taken advantage of launching incredible products with its imposing brand, this time they will face the opposite situation, since Bill Gates' company has just released what it is considered as the best desktop ever, which could destroy Apple´s aspiration to gain a huge revenue from the MacBook Pro.

The reason is simple: Windows PCs dominate computer sales, and even when the Cupertino firm has always been the god of creative class devices, this time, Microsoft has created a product that can easily break that monopoly due to its outstanding features. If you think that´s unfair because this is a disproportionate battle, remember the market´s savagery, and this other reason: Apple gave to its competitors a golden opportunity with its 2017 iMac delay.

This means that in computer´s world, the only product that Apple has to fight against Microsoft amazing desktop is its new laptop, which means that the Surface Studio will have more attention until the Cupertino firm launches the 2017 iMac. By now, the MacBook Pro will have to fight for achieving a huge number of sales without being the most popular product in computers market.

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