Respawn Releases Titanfall 2 Tips For First Time Players

After much waiting and speculations, Respawn will finally release their new title, Titanfall 2, on PlayStation. To help first time players, the game developer provided a few tips and tricks to help players manage the game even for the first time. With the said tips, players can easily become veteran Pilots into the game as early as its release on Friday, Oct. 28.

Titanfall 2 Is A Multi-Platform Title

It will only be hours before the official release of Titanfall 2. Respawn confirms that its new sequel is a multi-platform title, which excites players at the moment after rumors of the game available in multi-platform was confirmed. For the new players of Titanfall 2, Respawn has provided some great tips to help win the game in multiplayer mode and conquer the galactic world. The tips are subdivided for general, first-time Pilots and veteran Pilots.

General Tips

Titanfall 2 just like its predecessor is all about speed. Mobility is important and using movements like Double Jump, Slide and Wallrun are all important to traverse different areas of the map. Continuous mobility will also keep enemies at bay and surprised. For weapons, firing from the hip is advisable and aiming down makes for more accurate sightings. The Titan Timer that allows players to call their Titan quickly can be sped up by stealing batteries, getting kills and completing objectives.

First-Time Pilots

First-time pilots can cook their grenades for more impact by holding down the throw button. Tapping the Triangle button will cancel the throw. Also, players should be aware that different situations require different weapons. Be careful when choosing weapons for point-blank attacks or for fighting at a distance. Players can also use the Pulse Blade ability to reveal enemies. For outmaneuvering other Titans and Pilots, use the Arc Grenade.

Veteran Pilots

For players who wish to use advanced techniques, the first thing to learn about is using a Frag grenade and surprising the enemy with its explosion. Players can get protection by giving a friendly Titan a battery to provide cover as long as the generated shield from the battery lasts. Players can also make themselves smaller as a target, catch enemies off guard or boost around the corners by simply using the slide move. Wipe out enemies in an instant on a match objective with the insta-drop cavalry by setting up a Titan with a Warpfall and Assault Chip.

Titanfall 2 will release this Friday, Oct. 28 and already has a day one patch available at a mere 88MB.

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