Titanfall 2's Day One Patch Is Just 88MB

Titanfall 2 has its first day patch all good and ready. Fans are advised to "clear some space" on their hard drive and uninstall whatever is not need to accommodate the day one patch. Its size? A 'whopping' 88 megabytes. There is no typo on that.

The Smallest Day One Patch Ever

A big patch that eats up gigabytes of memory takes hours to download. But that would not be the case with Titanfall 2. Surprising as it may sound, an 88MB of disc space is all that gamers need to perform the usual update. Respawn's co-founder, Vince Zampella poked fun at the minute size of the title's patch download on his Twitter post.

Compared to other game patches, Titanfall 2's 88MB is nothing compared to the 2.4GB day one download of Battlefield 1 and the 2.6GB download that Mafia 3 requires. Not only that, a whopping 4.5GB is needed to play Madden 17 and even more so for Halo 5 with a 9GB day one download requirement. To up the ante, Gears of War 4 would need a total of 11GB for its day one download alone. The 88MB of memory needed to download the day one patch of Titanfall 2 can happen in just a blink of an eye.

Just Take A Deep Breath

For gamers who plan to download the day one patch for Titanfall 2, all it will take is just a blink or one deep breath and it will be done. Respawn's new title seemed to beat the odds and made the smallest patch ever with just 88MB. This is something unusual for any developer to accomplish but Respawn was able to do it with Titanfall 2. They have also released a patch support for PS4 Pro available on disc.

The most possible case is that Respawn put up plenty of new stuff on their newest title after it went gold by the end of September. If not, then the small patch may not bode very well at all for gamers waiting to finally play Titanfall 2. Buggy AAA releases are not unheard of but this is not something that players are likely to expect with this game.

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