Nintendo Switch Puppy That Went Viral; Petitioned By Players To Become A Mascot And Named 'Swoof The Nintendog'

Since the reveal of Nintendo's newest portable console, the Nintendo Switch, fans couldn't seem to unsee its puppy-like features. This spawned a couple of fan arts; which gave birth to a new group of fans who may think the new Nintendo puppy is cute. Some even suggest making the puppy Nintendo Switch's mascot officially - though it seems to be the unofficial mascot now.

Nintendo Switch Puppy Goes Viral

Hours after the reveal of Nintendo Switch over at the company's YouTube channel, an artist claimed they kept seeing the Joy-Con's handles as puppy ears. So they proceeded to draw a puppy based on the console's design. Even Japanese musician, Professor Sakamoto, tweeted his own version of the puppy in a piece of paper.

Then a twitter user named AnnaTheRed posted pictures of what seemed to be the puppy brought to real life in plushie form. The Nintendo Switch cute canine has been handcrafted by Twitter user, Anna, into a cute huggable companion. This solidified the puppy as the console's unofficial mascot.

Nintendo Switch Puppy Appeals To Fans

The little Nintendo Switch cute canine appealed to fans and they can't seem to deny the little puppy's charms. The photos have been shared across various social media platforms and community websites - giving birth to a new group of fans for the cute unofficial mascot for Nintendo Switch. Jokes and memes have been shared and are being shared about the dog.

Some even petitioned to make the Nintendo Switch's puppy the official community mascot and wishes the puppy to be named 'Swoof.' Although Anna, the user who made the plushie, simply calls the little puppy 'Switch' as 'Swoof' seemed to appeal to users more and even have its own subreddit. Users even referenced an old real-time simulation game from the Nintendo DS and called him 'Swoof the Nintendog.' If little pupper 'Swoof' goes on sale in stores, I would buy one for sure.

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