Nintendo Apologizes On Pokemon Go Plus Shortage

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 28, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

On the midst of Pokemon Go plus shortages on an accessory, Nintendo makes a statement regarding the shortages of the Pokemon Go Plus wearable accessory.

Every fan of Pokemon games is already familiar with the franchise's taste of rarity. The main series is all about catching the rarest pokemon there is, and Pokemon Go is the latest game which enables players to catch Pokemon around the world. It is also a knowledge to Pokemon Go players that the purchase of wearable accessory is difficult given the outrageous selling prices on online market like eBay.

Pokemon Go players have raised their concern of the stock shortages, so Tatsumi Kimisha, the president of Nintendo, made a statement about the subject at hand. According to the report from Game Rant, during the Nintendo's earnings briefing, Kimisha said that the company wasn't prepared for the demands of the said accessory. According to him, "Demand far exceeded our expectations and production has not caught up, leading to product shortages. We apologize to the consumers and distributors affected by this."

Aside from apologizing about the product shortage matter, Nintendo also revealed that the production for the Plus is now expanding. He added that "We are planning to expand production as needed, and will continue to produce and ship additional units. However, there wasn't any indication as to when this can be expected," Gamespot reported.

The accessory, upon its release, has been turning the heads of gamers because it is entertaining however a frustrating device to have. What's causing the frustration of the gaming community is the rarity of Pokemon Go device.

It is not the first time, however, for Nintendo to apologize about the same matter, product shortage. The company's popular amiibo figures also had a history of shortage, and Nintendo apologized for that and promised to expand production. However, the rarest characters they produced are on premium sale on certain online markets.

There was a promise of production expansion, but it is a mystery on why the company did not plan ahead. Pokemon Go's success is a little surprising, but anyone can predict that it would be popular especially to die hard gamers. Hopefully, these accessories would be available in the market soon, so Pokemon Go players will have the opportunity of having the said accessory. 


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