'Ocean's Eight' Cast News And Rumors: Sandra Bullock Leads All-Female Cast; Anne Hathaway To Play A Victim Or A Thief?

Names of prominent celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Awkwafina, Sarah Paulson and Helena Carter have been mentioned to join the "Ocean's Eleven" spin-off. Everyone is excited to know more about the all-female cast of the upcoming crime drama film, "Ocean's Eight."

The forthcoming spin-off will be led by Bullock as she plays Danny Ocean's ex-convict sister. Her character will recruit Blanchett's to be her right hand woman in the process of creating a team of thieves. As reported on IBTimes, the group of bandits' mission is to rob the Met Ball of an extremely valuable necklace with the intention of framing the heinous gallery proprietor.

Speculations about Hathaway's role in "Ocean's Eight" have emerged because of a photograph from an advertisement with Hathaway's face in it. This sparked rumors of the actress portraying a role of an elite character, leaning to the possibility of playing a role of a victim instead of a thief.

The well known actresses' names end up eight in total, completing the troupe of thieves for the film. However, rumors of Hathaway being a victim will not add up and in fact, leave the set lacking one more member. This highlighted Dakota Fanning's appearance in photos on the set.

If Hathaway is to be a socialite in distress, Fanning could be the eighth among the other thieves. However, rumors circulating earlier entertained the possibility of Elizabeth Banks starring in the movie, too.

In other news, rumors about George Clooney not starring in "Ocean's Eight" have been cleared. Amid rumors stating that Clooney will depart from the picture, a source told Gossip Cop that the movie will still include Clooney. The actor being one of the film's producers is also among the co-stars, according to reports.

"Ocean's Eleven" fans have much to look forward to the upcoming spin-off, "Ocean Eight," which will be released on June 8, 2018.

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