'World Of Final Fantasy,' 'Kingdom Hearts' Crossover To Happen In January; Get Sora As DLC

World of Final Fantasy has just arrived with 14 champions from past Final Fantasy titles. Now, it is welcoming the protagonist of Kingdom Hearts - Sora as a free DLC. Square Enix announced that the new champion will arrive January.

World Of Final Fantasy Sora To Be Chibi-Fied

Like the other champions, World of Final Fantasy Sora will appear in chibi form, still wielding his Keyblade. Looking at his new form, it seems that he fits well with the rest of the cast with his spiky hair. As a champion, it is expected that players will be able to summon him soon.

However, no other details have been revealed for now. It is unknown when he can be unlocked or whether players will need to unlock him in the first place. World of Final Fantasy Sora should also have a move that gamers can use, but Square Enix is yet to divulge that information.

All that is known for now is that World of Final Fantasy Sora will be available for download in January for a limited time only. Those who are interested are advised to stay tuned for any news so as not to miss this free opportunity.

World Of Final Fantasy Champions

World of Final Fantasy, as aforementioned, has 14 champions. Once unlocked, players get to summon them to take advantage of their skills. Notable characters that can be summoned include Squall from Final Fantasy 8, Yuna and Tidus from Final Fantasy 10, Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, and Snow and Lightning from Final Fantasy 13.

Each World of Final Fantasy champion should be unlocked before players can summon them. The first one that players will be able to use is Warrior of Light after meeting The Girl Who Forgot Her Name in chapter 5. A full guide can be read here.

World of Final Fantasy is now available on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

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