UFO Sightings In Vienna Causes Panic: Are Aliens Targeting Earth?

Residents of the Austrian cities in Graz and Vienna were in a state of shock after reports had circulated online claiming that an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) were allegedly seen to be hovering around the skies. The said incident happened on Oct. 29 which caused a massive panic for most of the people living in the said cities.

Numerous footage of the said UFO sightings were then uploaded on various social media platforms showing the bright flying object wandering through the skies. Others were said to be doubtful of said happening while some believe that an alien invasion is already starting to take place.

As per RT, authorities are yet to release their statement regarding the incident. However, although skeptics claim it as the start of an alien invasion, experts are convinced on the other hand that it was in fact just a small remote controlled helicopter.

According to a report released by the Sunday Express, the incident was not new for Austrians anymore as they have already been startled by a mysterious flying object earlier this year. It was said that during a New Year's eve celebration where a certain student has captured a video clip of an alleged UFO which apparently is being struck by a lightning at the time in one of the lower areas of Austria, in Mostviertel.

A recent report had once again gone viral after claiming that a possibility of an alien invasion in Halloween has quickly spread online. Experts, though, have immediately dismissed the allegations since it was believed that news and stories about these extraterrestrial life forms as well as UFO's are found to be a huge hit during this season.

As of the present time, authorities are advising the public not to believe everything they hear without further investigating it as it can also cause a massive hysteria.

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