No Man’s Sky Tweet Could Spike Mr. Robot Season 3 Viewership

No Man's Sky in one way or another benefits a lot of other things, most especially competitor game developers, for giving them the winning advantage over their losing side. In the strangest way, in Sean Murray's recent tweet regarding Mr. Robot, it is likely that the American drama-thriller series is the big winner this time expected to claim huge viewership with its forthcoming third season.

Hello Games Chief Sean Murray's Tweets

Hello Game's head Sean Murray sent out a tweet last Friday, Oct. 28 saying, "Server hacked. We're binging Mr Robot Episodes as quickly as we can looking for answers. Ep05 is a cracker." This was a follow-up to a previous tweet last Thursday, Oct. 27 saying, "No Man's Sky was a mistake." Despite reports involving Murray's first ever tweet after the false ad investigation of the Advertising Standards Authority of the U.K. on the game, Hello Games has reached out to various new organizations explaining that Murray's Twitter account had been hacked by one of his resentful workers.


No Man's Sky Helps 'Mr. Robot Season'

After Murray's most recent tweet regarding Mr. Robot broke out, the subreddit of No Man's Sky has made notable changes of the community. Last Friday, /r/NoMansSkyTheGame solicited support from the subscribers to change the game's name to Mr. Robot in response to Murray's recent tweet about binge watching the show after months of silence. Majority has agreed.

According to a report from Forbes, this false of Hello Games in some way could "spur interest in the show," which in return could spike the viewership of Mr. Robot where its second season seemed to wrap up dull and jaded. Mr. Robot season 3 is set to premiere in 2017. In fact, the No Man's Sky-turned-Mr. Robot subreddit has far more subscribers than the official Mr. Robot subreddit.


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