Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News: Specs, Release Date And Other Rumors On Surface Pro 5

At the recent Microsoft event, no announcement about a new Pro5 was made fuelling talk about what the new Surface device would be like.

Rumors state that the processor of the new Pro 5 will either be the Sky Lake just like the Pro 4 or the new Intel Kaby Lake. The 14 nanometer device architecture allows both processors faster clock speed changes. The Pro 4 will run on a minimum of 8GB but there is a possibility that it may be higher. The Ram is expected to be 16GB.

The buzz is that the new Surface Pro will come in 2K and 4K screen resolution. The 4K/UHD 3869x2560p display is guaranteed to hike up the price of the laptop and will likely affect battery life more than the 2K version, which is rumored to use the 12+ inch 2736x1824p PixelSense display just like its predecessors.

Since all Surface Pro devices come with the Surface Pen, it is safe to assume that the Pro 5 will also have stylus support. However, the new Pen will be more pressure sensitive than the old ones, if rumors prove true.

The Pro 5 will likely have C-Type USB ports along with Bluetooth and WiFi capability. One possible difference is that the Pro 5's battery will be a lot better than the Pro 4.

According to some reports, the Pro 5 will allow other devices using Windows 10 to connect with it. Microsoft was awarded a patent for a tech that allows users to access to keyboard, mouse, memory and operating system from connected devices.

Tradition dictates that Microsoft unveils new Surface products around October. With October coming and going without mention of the Pro 5, the rumor now is that something will come up in early 2017. This will coincide with the launching of the new Kaby Lake processor.

As for the price, nothing is set in stone yet, of course. But rumors indicate that the Pro 5 may sell around the vicinity of $900.

The Surface Pro 5 is expected to go toe-toe against Apple's iPad Pro 2 to continue the rivalry between these two tech giants. After the recent unveiling of Apple's new MacBook laptops, Microsoft countered by offering a $650 discount to MacBook users to trade in their laptops in favour of a new Surface.

Microsoft has also vamped up its Surface line, which debuted in 2012, with the recent release of the Surface Studio, a desktop PC designed with artists and designers in mind, and the Surface Dial.

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