WWE 2K17 Complete Achievement Guide: How To Get All 58 Achievements in Xbox One

By K.C , Oct 31, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

The most sought-after things in WWE 2K17 are all of its astonishing 58 achievements which can be very tasking and time-consuming if done improperly. The good news is, there's actually effective ways to improve your "MyCareer" stats and popularity which in turn, helps you acquire your achievements faster.

First and foremost, before we start moving on to the achievements, it's important to note that your goal for MyCareer is to boost your popularity and stats for your Custom Superstar as they're imperative to get all the 58 achievements in the game. If you haven't created your Custom Superstar yet, the game will prompt you once you start the MyCareer mode.

MyCareer Tips and Guide: Effective Popularity and Stats Boost

Every match (show), the definitive factor for your Popularity's win/loss percentage depends on your Excitement Multiplier. You can check your Excitement Multiplier in your Character section under the MyCareer menu. Basically, you need your Excitement Multiplier to be Hot, not cold, otherwise you'll lose your Popularity during match.

Set your difficulty to "Easy" during match ratings as it helps you take a decisive win in every match. Take note that you need to have a rating of least four stars and above in order to boost your Excitement Multiplayer and Popularity.

Promos can also contribute to your Excitement Multiplier and Popularity. The best way to be effective in Promos is to play around your wrestler's character (Heel or Face). If you're a Heel then you need to choose statements that will provoke and anger the audience. If you're a Face then you need to establish vibrant image from your audience through positive statements.

Take note also that changing T-Shirts increases your Excitement Multiplier. You can change your T-Shirts by going into the Character menu then select Appearance and then Attire. Select any T-Shirt than suits your preference as it doesn't matter what your character wears as long as they're being changed every now and then.

Perform Run-In at least once a week (except during rivalry). Winning the Run-In will significantly boost your Excitement Multiplier. Quick tip, avoid performing Run-In on tag teams since the AI can impair your chances of winning.

Unlocking all WWE 2K17 Achievements in MyCareer Mode

My Path Starts here

Complete the full tutorial of MyCareer. Finish MyCareer and then graduate the training facility as NXT or WWE.

Welcome To The Main Roster

Complete your first SmackDown or Raw match. SmackDown occurs Every Tuesdays while Raw occurs every Mondays. Take note that if you graduated as NXT then you need to finish NXT Championship or NXT Tag Team Championship before you can move on to WWE and start your first debut match in either SmackDown or Raw.

Big Four

Participate in Royal Rumble, Summer Slam, WrestleMania and Survivor Series. Take note that the events happen during the final Sunday of the following months: (note: in order to participate, you need to graduate WWE first)

Royal Rumble: January
Survival Series:

Birth of an NX Champion

Win the NXT Championship. Take note that if you did not graduate as NXT then you need to finish your selected Championship first before you can choose another one. To view your championship standing, go to your MyCareer menu then select Rankings. In order to qualify for the Championships then you need to reach #1 and contest the champion. Climb up to the ladder through the use of the MyCareer tips as stated above.

Birth of an IC Champion

Win the Intercontinental Championship.

Birth of a Tag Champion

Win the Tag Championship

Birth of a US Champion

Win the United States Championship

We have a new Champion

Win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Increase your wrestler's Attributes and get an overall value of 95. To check your wrestler's Attributes, go to MyCareer menu then Character and then Attributes. You need to spend VC points in order to boost your character's Attribute. Take note that in order to achieve the 95 value, you need to have all your stats near max level. You can farm VC points through Promos, completing your Authority Challenges or using new T-Shirts for your wrestler.

I Am the Best

Purchase all available Skills that are eligible for purchase. You can check all skills by going to MyCareer then Character and then Skills. There are a total of 44 available skills in game for purchase.

Competent manager

Purchase all available Managers that are eligible for purchase. You can check all managers by going to MyCareer then Character and then Managers. There are a total of 21 available managers in game for purchase.

I am Wrestling God

Purchase all available Abilities that are eligible for purchase. You can check your abilities by going to MyCareer then Character and then Abilities. There are a total of 36 available abilities in game for purchase. Note that you don't have to buy all ability slots, just the root ability themselves.

Love to Talk

Perform a promo by scheduling a promo for yourself. Go to MyCareer menu and then choose "Select any Promo slot." You will earn the achievement regarding of your performance during the promo.

I'm Running in!

Perform 10 Run-ins. You can perform a run-in by interrupting a scheduled match. Take note that you can only run-in once during a scheduled match. Go to MyCareer menu and then choose between any one-on-one match vs AI and then press the Left Trigger to commence a run-in.

Drop the Mic

Win against a rival during Promo. The effective way to win a rival are as follows: max out your Mic Performance (attribute), equip Staredown and Taunt abilities can also improve your chances to win against your rival. Now, in order for you to get your ideal rival, find a wrestler that has low overall stats. Perform run-ins and call the wrestler out (prospect rival) during Promos every week. This method is an effective way to make that designated wrestler as your rival.

Now, after the prospect wrestler became a rival of yours, you can now schedule a Call Out Promo and set your rival as your opponent. Once your rival shows up, you will now compete in a Promo battle. Use the effective Promo battle tips as mentioned above to ensure a decisive win against your rival.

These are all Achievements which you can unlock in the MyCareer mode. Due to the character limitations, we cannot include the remaining achievements in the WWE Universe which will sum up to a total of 58 achievements including MyCareer. Tune in as we create another article which will showcase all the achievements for the WWE Universe.

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