Pixel's Google Assistant Is Enabled With Article Sharing To Google Plus, Twitter

People put great value on smartphones that offer convenience and efficiency. The new Google Pixel phones are nothing short of innovation. Though it is not water resistant, the Pixel phones' Google Assistant provides an exciting user experience. It will only take some time before all the phones' full potential are revealed.

Google Assistant's Article Sharing

There was a lot of fuss about the new Google Pixel phones. In particular, Google has been very active in promoting their new devices. It has not been long since the phones were unveiled. More and more people are taking hold of the Google Pixel that includes Google+ user Corey Stock.

Stock recently discovered a Google Assistant feature that will be exciting to those who browse online contents. According to 9to5Google, an article opened on a device with Google Assistant can be shared. The user only has to say this command "OK Google, share this on Twitter".

Like the manual way of sharing articles, the title and link will be transcripted for a new tweet. The only other service the articles are shared with is Google+. Google is yet to add support for the articles to be shared with Facebook, Gmail and messaging apps.

The recent discovery is an addition to the previously unearthed features of the new Google Pixel phones.

What Is Its Relevance?

Users who enjoy reading online articles will find this convenient. In normal circumstances, the whole process is done manually. Now, the Google Assistant will do it for them.

According to the Android Headlines, Google will definitely bring a lot more improvements to the Google Assistant. They will capitalize on the buzz around the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. This is to further its chances of competing against the iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 Edge.

However, it will take some time before the Google Assistant can really take on Apple's Siri.


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