Google Pixel's Latest Promotional Video Directed To iPhone Users, Is it Convincing?

The new Google Pixel phones could capitalize on Apple's declining iPhone sales and Samsung's still lingering effect of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones. It's not surprising that Google is working hard on promoting their new flagship device. Its latest promotional video is specifically intended to iPhone users. However, will it convince them to switch to Google Pixel? Is it even made for that purpose?

Google's Consistent Promotion Of Its Pixel Phones

Google has released two new promotional videos for its Pixel phones. The first one titled "#Pixel Tips: Getting Started" showcases what Google boasts as its exciting features. The three-minute video features the "Pixel Imprint" fingerprint sensor, Quick Settings, Google Assistant, Google Play, App shortcuts and more, according to Android Headlines.

This will set the tone for the next promotional video titled "#Pixel Tips: Switching from iPhone". The said video basically explains how previous iPhone users can transfer all their data to the new Google Pixel phones. They are instructed to boot up their new Pixel phone and turn off their iPhone's iMessage and Facetime. Their devices should have at least 50 percent of battery life before starting the whole process.

Users have to select the Copy Your Data option. Then, they have to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Once the connection is established, the lightning cable should be plugged into the iPhone. A quick switch adapter will be used to connect that cable to the Pixel phone. Now, users have to click Trust on the iPhone to approve the link with the Pixel phone.

A Google account is required as users have to sign in. Eventually, Google Pixel will scan the content of the iPhone. Users can choose what data to copy from their previous phone. Simply click Copy for Pixel to finally transfer them to the new device. Lastly, users can tap Next to finish the set-up.

Do Google's Promotional Videos Convincing Enough?

According to 9to5Google, Pixel's marketing strategy wants to grab the attention of high-end users like those with iPhones. However, that is not an easy task. Google will definitely have a hard time convincing loyal iPhone customers to switch to Pixel.

It all comes down to the users if they find their Apple iPhones worth to be replaced with Google's. The other promotional video with Pixel's exciting features will serve that purpose. But is it that effective?

Apple and Samsung are up in the ladder with regards to the smartphone market. The strategy should focus more on attracting customers that Samsung has lost. Loyal Samsung users may still stick with the Korean-based tech company.

However, analysts have said that 30 percent who were affected by the Galaxy Note 7 dilemma will shift. This is according to The Verge.

These are the people that Google might easily convince to purchase the new Google Pixel phones. It's also an advantage that the Pixel phones don't pose a safety risk. The release of Google Pixel phones is detrimental to Samsung. Perhaps, a promotional video directed to Google's Android counterparts is more fitting?

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