Top 3 Best Video to Board Game Versions

By Gen Que , Oct 31, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Game companies creating cardboard versions of the most popular video games is not uncommon. However, only a few cardboard versions manage to impress fans. Here are three popular video games whose cardboard versions managed to impress a lot of people.

The Witcher

The aim of this board game is to be the first one to finish all three quests. You have the option to choose one of the four characters: the sorceress Triss Merigold, the dwarf Yarpen Zigrin, the bard named Dandelion, and Geralt.

As the quest progresses, you will encounter monsters you need to slay and other obstacles which you need to finish. You will also get to investigate some out-of-this-world phenomena. These quests also have some sub-quests which you have the option to do or not. Choosing to do it earns you extra points.

The game also asks you to choose and decide which options to take, which will greatly affect how the game will progress. Some of them can be quite tricky and requires sharp discernment. For example, do you continue even if you're gravely injured and risk dying or stay and heal your self but risk getting behind the game.

The game can last around 2 hours but the adventure in the world of The Witcher is worth it.

X-COM: The Board Game

The cardboard version is a cooperative game where each player takes the role of a commander, squad leader, central officer, and chief scientist. The team will have to pool their talents, skills, and knowledge to fight a breed of aliens from invading and taking control of Earth.

In order to play this game, however, you need to download the XCOM app which tells you where to find and hunt the aliens. Once they identify where the aliens are hiding, they take turns to strategize, create a plan, and concoct some armaments that would take the aliens down.

What makes the game exciting is its success and failure dies which builds the tension of the game and puts you in pressure what option to choose in order to succeed or fail the game.

Street Fighter Deck Building Game

The Street Fighter cardboard version allows each player to have a handful of cards on their hands. Each of the cards are filled with vulnerabilities as well as strengths. Each of the cards has a corresponding point which you add to help determine whether you can buy another five cards from the 'central market' or not.

Players can unleash their powers and fight each other by using their 'ultra move' or counter-attack provided they have the right card in their hands.

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