Civilization 6 Released On Mac; Is It Coming To Xbox One And PS4?

Civilization 6 has just been released on Mac, allowing both Apple and Windows users enjoy the turn-based strategy game. This is a surprise since it only took a few days for it to be ported to Mac. Following this, fans ask: Is it coming to consoles and Linux?

Civilization 6 Mac: How To Download, Linux Version Coming?

Civilization 6 Mac can be downloaded from Steam for Mac, brought by Aspyr Media. It is the same company that made it possible for previous titles in the franchise to cross over to Apple PC. The base game is priced at $59.99 and all other bundles are available as well.

It will come to Apple Store as well, which is expected in the next few days. Aspyr Media also clarified that a Civilization 6 Linux version is "under investigation." It can be remembered that Civ 5 took a while - four years to be exact - to arrive in the OS, so fans may have to make do with Mac and Windows for now.

Civilization 6 Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Version Release

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners who do not have either a Mac or Windows PC that can run the game may be feeling a little left out. Per reviews so far, Civilization 6 is an awesome game that every gamer needs to try out. However, it seems that they will continue to feel left out as apparently, Civilization 6 Xbox One and PS4 versions are not in the pipelines.

"As a studio, we're very proud of the games we've made that have succeeded on console," Associate Producer Sarah Darney told Stevivor, "but we feel that the PC is the platform where Civilization VI fits the best."

With that said, Mac and Windows PC owners are the only ones privileged to play Civilization 6 for now. Those who would like a console experience can buy a Steam Controller instead, as iDigitalTimes has noted. Meanwhile, check out this guide to choosing which civ for a Domination, Religion, Cultural or Science Victory.

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