Overwatch Update: Blizzard Officially Ends Sombra ARG; Finally Points To Hero's Release?

November 1 has arrived, but still no sign of the new Overwatch hero named Sombra. Obviously, this has torn the hopes of fans, as they've been expecting the character's arrival since day one. However, developers from Blizzard themselves have confirmed the conclusion of the hero's ARG today -- the date expected to introduce the aforesaid character. Could this mean that players can expect her coming anytime today or this week?

According to the official Overwatch Twitter account, the network security of LumeriCo -- a fictional company -- is breached. And thanks to that, power outages have happened across Mexico. Unfortunately, the suspect (might be Sombra) has been "unidentified," with Portero opting to keep silent. Well, it seems Blizzard is really onto something, eh?

It's almost safe to say that the whole ARG thing about the aforementioned Overwatch hero has ended. However, it doesn't mean that the mystery stops there. As reported by PC Gamer, it only leads to another wait-and-see shenanigan of sort. Nonetheless, players can expect to hear more about the character in the coming days.

The new clue pertaining to the said Overwatch hero points to a supposed website called VolskayaIndustries.com. If anything else, it's suggesting a Sombra release at the upcoming BlizzCon event. As of this writing, though, nothing much has been revealed. Hence players have no idea about her skills and/or abilities.

As previously reported her at iTech Post, November 1 is deemed as the most suitable date for the release of Sombra to Overwatch. First off, the timeline marks the 23rd week since the game's official launching. Second and most importantly, the hero is deemed as the 23rd character in the roster. This is merely not just coincidence -- it definitely means something.

If BlizzCon is indeed where Sombra will be released, then Overwatch fans can expect her anytime this week. The event will commence come November 4 all the way through the weekend. It looks like things are about to explode sooner or later.

What are your thoughts on the whole Overwatch ARG about Sombra? Do you really feel tha Blizzard will unveil her at BlizzCon? If so, what are your expectations? Be sure to share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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