Lenovo Phab 2 Pro: First Phone With Google Tango Finally Available

The first ever phone with Google's Tango augmented reality technology is finally out today. The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro will have the 3D-sensing tech under its hood

The Tango camera tech's 3D capability allows the user to get the measurements of everyday objects like furniture by simply pointing the phone's camera at the subject. The tech can be useful in designing homes.

The Phab 2 Pro comes with 35 apps and is selling for $499.

CNET took the Phab 2 Pro for a spin and came up with more-than-impressive photos. A photo of a ramp inside the Google San Francisco office showed how wide it was while a coffee table was described as "life-like".

CNET had issues with how a reflective surface such as a soda can or a shiny floor can disrupt the 3D shot. Another problem the author encountered was how each Tango app took a while to load.

The Tango project started around two years ago. Google's Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) division tasked Johnny Lee, a computer scientist who's one of the key contributors behind Microsoft's Kinect, to head the team responsible for Tango. Since then, Google have worked with a number of developers and companies.

On January 2016, Google partnered with Lenovo on a project to bring Tango to the consumer smartphone industry which is now available as the Phab 2 Pro.

Google indicated that there are plans to make more Tango phones in the near future - in 2017 to be precise - so expect other Google devices released next year to have the depth-sensing technology.

The Verge reported that Tango chief believes the sudden popularity of Pokémon Go made it easier to deal with their partners. In other words, if not for the game based on a 90s TV cartoon, augmented reality technology would not be available right now in the form of the Tango and the Phab 2 Pro.

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