Mass Effect Andromeda' Trailer Teases A 600-Year Gap With 'Mass Effect 3'

EA Games just teased the fans of Mass Effect Andromeda with its newest trailer revealing what is next after 600 years. The developer wants its fans to join the Andromeda Initiative in order to be updated on what will be on the game next year.

Mass Effect Andromeda And The Andromeda Initiative

EA games are very happy with how fans reacted with the Mass Effect Andromeda trailer that shows 600 years after Mass Effect 3. The trailer is unveiling important details on what is coming for players on Nov. 7, according to IGN.

The latest trailer of Mass Effect Andromeda also encourages its fans to take part in Andromeda Initiative. The setting of Earth 600 years after is described as "a future beyond the Milky Way." The narrator in the trailer said that the future will only begin in the 600th year.

In a report on PC Gamer, after Mass Effect 3, some uncertain events happened after the trilogy were the reason that humans were forced to go back near Sol. Andromeda Initiative aims to recruit courageous and adventure-seekers to find out what lies beyond the galaxy.

EA Games To Delay Mass Effect Andromeda?

EA Games is positive that Mass Effect Andromeda will be an awesome RPG but if it needed fixing and updates, the developer is willing to delay it again, according to Game Spot. The game is set to be released in March 2017 but it seems that fans should wait a little bit longer.

"Right now, Mass Effect is tracking extremely well. The game looks beautiful. And we're really pleased with its progress. However, as you've seen, we are willing to make moves in launch dates if we feel it's necessary to deliver the right player experience," said EA Games CFO Blake Jorgensen.

EA Games wanted nothing but perfection for its most-anticipated RPG, Mass Effect Andromeda. Jorgensen said that if Bioware wants to extend for another three to five months then it will be allowed. Right now, fans can only that they can hit their early 2017 target.

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