Battlefield 1 Guide: Detailed Introduction To Elite Classes

Battlefield 1 Guide: Detailed Introduction To Elite Classes
In Battlefield 1, there are a total of 3 Elite Classes - namely, Tank Hunter, Flame Trooper and Sentry. Photo : Westie/YouTube

Battlefield 1 is definitely making huge airwaves in the gaming industry. After all, it proved to be a huge title, meeting expectations after expectations. The World War 1-themed title has captured the hearts of gamers all over the world. But since it's still new, it's safe to say that there's a lot to be known about the game. To start, here the various Elite Class in the game.

Battlefield 1 Elite Classes

It's worth noting that EA DICE's recent title Battlefield 1 offers a total of 3 Elite Classes. Unfortunately, players can't simply spawn into the game and choose their certain class. Why? That's because they have to acquire a certain kit in the game that will allow them to transform into the aforementioned classes. They are detailed below.

Battlefield 1 Elite Class: Tank Hunter

Once Battlefield 1 players are able to reach this particular Elite Class, they'll be able to own the 1918 Tankgewehr. And make no mistake, the latter weapon proves to be very lethal in the battlefield. This is due to the fact that it can kill tanks with just one shot. Yes, that's all it takes to bring down those things.

The goal of this Battlefield 1 class is to take cover within those objectives surrounded by lots of enemy vehicles. From there, Tank Hunter players simply have to shoot them using the new weapon they just acquired. Unfortunately, it has a downside -- players need to either mount the aforesaid weapon on a certain window edge. Or perhaps, they can go with other low-sitting edges. Otherwise, they'll be fired efficiently thanks to its size. This class here also allows players to carry both knife and grenade.

Battlefield 1 Elite Class: Flame Trooper

Well, as the name of the class suggests, it allows Battlefield 1 players to bring with them a flamethrower. The latter is coined as Wrex, which can take out a good number of enemies even from a distance. However, it's still best to stay in groups, as it has a very low HP. So, in a sense, this class is quite vulnerable.

At close range, however, Battlefield 1 players can be deadly with their flamethrowers. They can do this as long as they main a manageable distance. If an effective shot is placed at the back of a tank, it can cause any troopers to explode. Heck, it can even burn various camps and buildings when the weapon is triggered. Similar to the above-mentioned Elite Class, Flame Troopers are also equipped with knife and grenade.

Battlefield 1 Elite Class: Sentry

This one here is most likely an easy favorite for most of the fans of Battlefield 1. The Sentry gives players a massive machine gun named MG 08/15. This weapon alone can project a very high rate of fires. The player, however, isn't equip with masks. He's not even able to aim down at a certain sight. Nevertheless, players under this class are wearing heavy armors, allowing them to go toe to toe with enemies. And same as for the two other classes, the Sentry offers knife and grenade, too.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1 as well as the 3 Elite Classes? Which one are you rooting for? How was the experience so far? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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