This Farming Simulator 17 Hack Allows You To Fly, Learn How

This Farming Simulator 17 Hack Allows You To Fly, Learn How
Know what would make Farming Simulator 17 more exciting? By flying! Learn how to do it here. Photo : Photo by PlayStation/YouTube

Farming Simulator 17 is, by far, basically a game of running over things using your tractor. However, simulating the farming life is actually more than that. You can do sweet things, such as flying. Yes, you can fly in this game. Let me show you how to do this in PC.

Farming Simulator 17 Flying Hack: First Things First

The first thing to do is open your Farming Simulator 17 game folder. It's usually in the Program Files, but if you can't find it, use the Search function at the top right corner of the window. Once you have found the right folder, open it and search for "game," which is an XML Document.

You would want to right-click on that file and choose to open with Notepad. Look for the line with "false." It should be by the end of that coding stuff. What you are going to do next is pretty simple: replace "false" with "true." When you are done, save it then close.

Farming Simulator 17 Flying Hack: Prep Complete, Now Run The Game

You can now run Farming Simulator 17. Nothing should have changed. Load the game normally and once you are inside the game, look down at your keyboard and press the button below the "esc" key, right before "1." The squiggly line is called the tilde.

It should bring up commands. Press the button again and you will get a blinking cursor below the last line. The next step is to press the "tab" button slowly. It should bring up a different command each time you press it, so do not rush or you might miss "gsToggleFlightAndNoHUDMode," which is exactly what you need.

It is right after the command "gsStartRain" so keep an eye out on that also. When you miss, you are going to cycle through all the commands before you get to "gsToggleFlight" again. When you finally reach the command, hit the "enter" key. This will make the command "true."

After which, you press the tilde button again to exit the commands screen. The Farming Simulator 17 flight mode should have been activated now. Press "Q" plus "J" to lift yourself up. You will only have to use "Q" to go up and "E" to go down. To immediately get back on land, press "J."

Farming Simulator 17 Flying Hack: Reminders

The hack will reset every time you open the game so you will have to bring up the command screen again to activate it. However, you do not need to do the preparations steps in the game folder every time. From this forward, you only have to bring up the command screen when you run the game to toggle the Flight Mode to "true."

Now, if you are no fun and want to disable it, press the tilde button twice and start hitting "tab" until you get to "gsToggleFlight." When you do, hit "enter" and that should make the command "false."

While there are tons of enjoyable activity in Farming Simulator 17, there are ways to further the experience, as evident in this guide. The title is available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC and Mac.

Meanwhile, there are tons of games coming up this November. Big titles such as Final Fantasy 15, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and more are soon arriving so stay tuned.

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