Top 5 Games Arriving This November 2016; What Titles You Should Watch Out For

Top 5 Games Arriving This November 2016; What Titles You Should Watch Out For
November has finally arrived, bringing with it promises of new experiences. There's a slew of games coming around, but what are the most anticipated titles this month? Photo : Photo by Nintendo/YouTube

As we welcome the 11th month, November is ushering in new titles and installments. With all the upcoming new offerings, a few stands out. While Super Dungeon Bros. that recently launched was certainly exciting, there are other titles that are more to my fancy.

Top November Games: Pokemon Sun And Moon

The number one on my list is Pokemon Sun and Moon, which is set to drop on Nov. 18. This requires little explanation, as the newest installment from The Pokemon Company is already getting gamers around the world to join in the hype train even before release.

Is it because of Pokemon GO? Maybe. I suspect that Niantic's title plays a huge part, but Pokemon Sun and Moon can definitely stand on its own. There's the new seventh generation Pokemon to look forward to that includes the already fan-favorite Mimikyu. Some Generation 1 monsters were also taken and dressed in Alola forms (have you ever seen Dugtrio with golden hair?).

Top November Games: Robinson: The Journey

Robinson: The Journey is a PlayStation VR title and by the looks of it, it is about to give you a wonderful virtual reality experience. The demo, seen at the bottom of the article, shows you waking up to a robot assistant with an English accent. It is quite the talkative type, but helpful nonetheless.

That aside, Robinson: The Journey is actually about the main character being trapped in another planet. A whole new world of ecosystem awaits the players with dinosaurs, to boot. Robin, which is you, actually befriends one cute dino called Lica. Thankfully, we don't have to wait too long to pet it, as the game will be released on Nov. 8.

Top November Games: Watch Dogs 2

The first title of the franchise was great, but it could use some more improvements. Now, Ubisoft is launching Watch Dogs 2 with new ways of hacking those evil corporations. The best part of the game so far is its multiplayer aspect, which is a game changer, to say the least.

Set in an on-point recreation of the San Francisco Bay Area, you play as Marcus Holloway. Watch Dogs 2 features a true open world that gives you freedom in your actions. It is set to be released on Nov. 15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Nov. 29 on PC.

Top November Games: Dishonored 2

The stealth action-adventure game by Bethesda lets you play as a "supernatural assassin." Dishonored 2 brings nostalgia with Emily Caldwin and Corvo Attano, who we've come to love in the previous title from Arkane Studios.

Both characters are playable with both allowing you to get more creative in your kills. Dishonored 2, with all new powers and more, will be available on Nov. 11 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Top November Games: Final Fantasy 15

Square Enix is at it again with another title in the long-running franchise, Final Fantasy. This time, you get to play as the pretty boy Noctis on a journey to save his fiancée and reclaim Lucis from the Niflheim empire.

Players are promised entirely new battle mechanics. Will we finally move on from the turn-based system that the franchise is known for? We'll have to watch out for the new offerings in Final Fantasy 15, which we hope would make the series alive. The new installment is set to be released on Nov. 29.

How about you? Which upcoming game excites you the most?

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