GTA 5 Update: There's A Dead Body In The Ocean? Be Part Of The Murder Mystery

GTA 5 Update: There's A Dead Body In The Ocean? Be Part Of The Murder Mystery
A player finds a dead body underwater in GTA 5. Turns out, it's a part of a murder mystery that you can solve to unlock a special reward. Photo : Photo by ItsTinyTroll/YouTube

GTA 5 is holding some dark mystery hidden well beneath the ocean surface. A player innocently swimming finds a dead body tied to a rock far out in the ocean. Doing some research, it was discovered that it is actually a part of an old murder mystery that you can solve. Plus, you get a reward at the end of it.

GTA 5 Dead Body In The Ocean Location

You can find the dead body of a woman in the ocean near Fort Zancudo, just off the western coast. Use a scuba gear as it will be deep, but you can also a submarine. The vehicle will certainly allow you to travel underwater faster but do whichever tickles your fancy.

The underwater corpse is actually a part of a grander scale and starts with finding four secret messages around Los Santos. Note that you can only take part in this mystery if you play as Michael. The messages will be carved into walls, so if you are interested to start at the beginning, read on.

GTA 5 Secret Messages Locations

"Old Fred acts nice, but it ain't so!" the first message reads. Head over to the Gentry Manor Hotel and enter using the side entrance so you can immediately spot the carving in the villa on the left side. The second message will be at the City Hall Parking Lot in Alta. Go to the southwestern corner and you will find "Fred makes cartoons for kids, funny thing considering what he did" carved into the wall.

Next, head over to the Oriental Theater in Vinewood. Search behind the palm trees on the left side of the entrance to see the third message that reads "Ain't no mystery. They drowned her because of what she knew!" Lastly, "David Richard knows" is found at the Galileo Observatory. It can be found in the lower floors by going to the back of the observatory.

GTA 5 Start Of The Murder Mystery

After which, you will set out to find "her" who was drowned because of what she knew. You already know where to look so after spotting the unfortunate woman, you will now look for the confession letter.

Head over to the Richards Majestic studio after 9 p.m. and go to the office of Solomon Richards. Take note that you can only access the office once you have completed all Solomon's missions. The confession letter will be at the desk. Go ahead and read it.

Next, find Isaac. You will find him in Great Chapparal, specifically in the abandoned railroad track. The entrance will be sealed, but this is GTA so you can just blast it open. Make your way inside. You will need a weapon with a flashlight for this to find Isaac. Or his corpse, rather.

Play GTA 5 With A Film Filter

Congratulations, you have solved the mystery. As a reward, Isaac will become a contact on your phone. Yes, the corpse. You can call him via any of the three characters' phones and doing so will activate the filter that will make the game look straight out of a 1930 film with a grainy film.

This GTA 5 mystery is quite old, but there are still some who are not aware of it. Meanwhile, a release date for the next installment, GTA 6, still cannot be confirmed.

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