Ford Unveils New Driver-Assist Technology: No More Stressful Parking Problems

By James Yu , Nov 04, 2016 11:06 AM EDT

Ford has once again brought a new innovation in the auto industry as it unveils its new Driver-Assist Technology. This particular technology, courtesy of Ford Motors allows drivers to be able to park their vehicles without encountering any of the stressful problems associated to parking anymore.

The Parking Assist Feature

The auto market has already seen vehicles that have self-parking features. However, unlike what Ford hopes to accomplish, they are not completely autonomous given the fact that the driver will still basically have to do everything themselves especially on curbs. Ford is looking to change this with its new Driver-Assist Technology.

According to a report from PCMag, Ford demonstrated via a YouTube video how the new park-assist feature achieved a parallel parking that only required a driver to press a button. In the same report, it was stated that aside from the steering wheels, the gearshift also moves in an automatic manner and the car also has control over the brakes and the throttle.

Evasive Steering Assist Feature

The evasive steering assist is another feature of this technology. In Automotive World's report, it was explained that this particular feature can help drivers avoid getting into collisions. It makes use of a camera and radar to detect vehicles that are either stationary or moving slowly or both. The technology activates itself if there is not enough braking space where the driver is likely to use evasive maneuver in avoiding the collision.

What Else To Expect And When Will It Be Available

As Ford unveiled the other features of driver-assist that are still being developed, it also stated that within two year's time, the parking assist feature will be available on production cars. Consumers can certainly expect a lot of things but they will still have to wait and see until the developments are complete.

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