‘Dragon Ball Super’ Latest News: New Saga Begins In Episode 68 With Zen-Chan

By Mario Ferrari , Nov 04, 2016 01:55 PM EDT

There have already been a string of hints that the current "Dragon Ball Super" saga is coming to an end. One of the latest clues is the announcement of Toei Animation on Twitter on Friday, Nov. 4 that it is gearing up for "a big surprise." Although there are no exact details released, latest word in the rumor mill suggests that a new saga will begin. Will episode 68 kick off with Zeno and the new story arc?

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 68 Begins New Saga

Following the announcement of Toei Animation that fans are in for a new treat coming very soon, latest reports pointed out that "Dragon Ball Super" might be starting the new saga by December with Zeno in episode 68. According to some spoilers for episode 67 titled "A Visit from the Omni - King! Bye - Bye Zamasu!" this could be suggestive that Zamasu and Goku Black's arc is already in the wraps, while episode 68 will zero in on Zen-Oh's life.

Merged Zamasu's Defeat

In the meantime, there is nothing much being said if Zen-Oh is the key to Merged Zamasu's ultimate downfall, or at least, how the antagonist duo would exit from the current arc. Earlier episode 67 spoilers, however, said that a terrible chapter for Merged Zamasu is about to happen with the arrival of Zen-chan who will be the major trigger to the duo's defeat.

New Saga In December

Zamasu and Goku Black's arc has been rolling for over 20 weeks now and there's a slight confirmation from Toei Animation that the new saga might begin by mid or late December. According to a previous report, there could be a filler episode or two before the new saga hits the airwaves. If this report holds true, then episode 68 will most likely be aired by the end of December.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 67 will air Nov. 30 on Fuji TV.

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