Universe Bound For Bigger Expansion: How Fast Will It Happen?

Back in 2011, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three physicists after their discovery that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. However, experts have recently found that the universe i indeed expanding, but contrary to the previous belief, the new study has found a marginal detection with regards to the acceleration of the universe.

As time has passed, tables seemed to have been turned as the previous conclusion is now facing loads of controversies after scientists were known to have increased their knowledge and database on Type la supernovae, and the original results are being thrown into question.

According to reports released by the Daily Mail, the study claims that the acceleration is only at a marginal level due to the fact that the team has only used a single data set to get the results. Additionally, experts have also said that if it was moving at an accelerated rate, it should have been discovered sooner.

On the other hand, Science World News has recently reported that one of the downside of the new study is that the acceleration of the universe is found to be model dependent. A certain kind of a 'Dark Energy' is allegedly used to conceal a lot of possibilities such as vacuum energy which is known to create a fast paced acceleration or that we require a new theory of gravity.

Experts have also been reportedly explaining that one of the final conclusions of the new study was that a non-accelerating universe in indeed feasible and is worth considering. Healthy skepticism plays an essential role in research. In one of their statements, experts are now convinced that there is still much debate over what is causing the acceleration, and whether it is just an apparent acceleration that arises because our understanding of gravity is not yet complete.

Furthermore, as far as the discovery of the supernovae data is concerned, it has also revealed that something genuinely unusual is naturally taking place and that the solution might be acceleration or a new theory of gravity.

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