Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Which Version Should You Get? Differences Explained

Pokemon Sun and Moon release date is coming closer and closer and fans of all ages are getting more and more excited. Who wouldn't? After being recently dubbed as the "most pre-ordered game of 2016", with help from its mobile game cousin, Pokemon Go, the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game is set to hit the top charts for handheld titles. With just two more weeks to go, have you decided yet which of the versions you're going to get? Would it be Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon? Or if you're planning to get both, which of these versions would you most likely play first?

Pokemon Sun and Moon are two games?

In case you didn't know, they are two games but they are released on the same day, Nov. 18. They are currently priced the same as well, $39.99 at Gamestop. Or if you want, you can also get the Pokemon Sun and Moon Dual Pack for $79.99. Alright, so what's the difference?

Pokemon Sun vs Pokemon Moon Time

First, some of the Pokemon in Pokemon Sun are different from what's in Pokemon Moon so as not to miss out on any of them, it's best to get both. Additionally, there's also a difference in time - Pokemon Sun operates the same time as with your 3DS but Pokemon Moon's time will be 12 hours ahead.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will have different legendary Pokemon. Solgaleo is a Psychic/Steel type Pokemon that transforms into a Radiant Sun phase. It's known for its Sunsteel Strike and Full Metal Body Ability.

Lunala, on the other hand, is a Psychic/Ghost type that transforms into a Full Moon phase. Its abilities include Shadow Shield and Moongiest Beam.

Based on the previous Pokemon games, the only way you can add the rival Legendary to your Pokedex is through trading with someone who owns the opposite version.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Unique Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon will also have unique Pokemon to each of the versions. Pokemon Sun will have the fighting-type Passimian while Pokemon Moon will feature Oranguru, a Normal/Psychic type Pokemon. Other Pokemon will also evolve into different types depending on which Pokemon Sun and Moon version you have, for example, Rockruff will evolve into Midday Lycanroc in Sun while it evolves into Midnight Lycanroc in Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Totem Pokemon

Players will also get to face different Totem Pokemon when taking on Island Trials challenge. For those playing Pokemon Sun, they get to meet Gumshoo in Melemele Island trial. And for those with Pokemon Moon, Alolan Raticate will be waiting for them.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts

Actually, not much about the Ultra Beasts have been leaked but what's confirmed is that they take on different appearances based on which version of Pokemon Sun and Moon you are playing.

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