Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Totem Wishiwashi Confirmed By Latest Japanese Trailer; Info Not In Demo Leak

Two more weeks to go and Pokemon Sun and Moon is up for release. So for those who have Nintendo 3DS, have you preordered the latest Pokemon game yet?

Aside from the fact that Pokemon Sun and Moon is currently one of the most pre-ordered games this year (thanks to AR mobile game, Pokemon Go), fans all over the world cannot seem to wait to get their hands on the upcoming 3DS game as more and more leaks (hello, dataminers) and trailers are released. And one of those leaked info that The Pokemon Company somehow didn't want leaked features the rest of the Pokemon Alola forms.

Latest Pokemon Sun and Moon Japanese Trailer

In the newest Japanese trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, released a day before Halloween, it showed a couple of hints that were not even shown in the demo leak. And we are referring to a new Pokemon called Wishiwashi.

Pokemon Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi in Pokemon Sun and Moon website mentions that it is a water-type Pokemon. It is called as the "demon of the sea" since it has a scary school form but when it's in solo form, it resembles a small fish. Wishiwashi is known for its Schooling ability and when it changes into its School form, it will look like "a large fish formed from various small fish with glowing eyes."

Totem Wishiwashi

The latest Pokemon Sun and Moon Japanese trailer illustrated that a trainer will face Wishiwashi as a Totem Pokemon once he has finished one of the Island Challenges. And to note, Totem Wishiwashi's sprite wasn't even in the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo.

The confirmed Totem Pokemon from the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo leaks are Lurantis, Gumshoos/Alola Raticate, Salandit's Evolution, Mimikyu, Vikavolt, and Kommo-o. All of the mentioned Pokemon had their details in the demo's data which confuses gamers as to why there was no sprite for Wishiwashi.

Could that mean that there are more undiscovered details from what the dataminers had unveiled from the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo? Or is Wishiwashi's sprite the same as its Totem form?

Pokemon Sun and Moon release date is on Nov. 18 so here's its latest Japanese trailer:

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