Clash of Clans December Update: Shipwreck, New Air Defenses Revealed; How To Get Legit Unlimited Free Gems And More!

The latest Halloween Update for Clash of Clans version 8.551.18 is merely the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the upcoming December update which was revealed by All Clash. The optional November update is now live on both iOS and Android platforms and offers only minor bug fixes including the army training drag and drop feature and a new feature in Clan Castle where you can now see the troops inside your CC after a simple long-press on the said structure.

With the recent update, there are no minor improvements to the security of the game and so you may be thinking that we're giving you another way to ignore the security protocols of Supercell but that's not the case here. As stated in the title above, we will be giving you tips on how you can legitimately acquire unlimited free gems without getting your account banned - and yes, this method does not need for your phone to be rooted as it can also result in your account getting permaban for some reason.

Clash of Clans: How To Get Free Gems

According to All Clash, there's a legal way to acquire free gems in Clash of Clans which have been around for almost a year now and is still available today. Based on their article, players will have to use either of the three apps: FreeMyApps, ClashForApps or AppBounty in order to get points in exchange for downloading free apps. These points can be then accumulated and converted into gift cards for your iTunes or Google Play account. Lastly, you can then redeem the GC to buy gems in game.

This method, according to All Clash, is the safest and most legitimate way of acquiring free gems in the game without the use of any cheats and hacks. Lastly, the good news is that, the method still works today and you can even try it out for yourself.

Clash of Clans December Update

All Clash also revealed the upcoming December update which offers a lot of surprises for its community. The highlights for the update are as follows:

Air Sweeper Level 7 and Air Defense Level 9

If you can remember, during the release of the Town Hall 11, the only structures that didn't get any upgrades were Walls, Air Defense and Air Sweeper. According to All Clash, a leaked photos coming from spAnser's has shown new and improved Air Sweeper and Air Defense. Since Supercell didn't tease this officially, we might be seeing any updates in the few weeks to come.

Clash of Clans Shipwreck

SpAnser also hinted a new daily quest for Clash of Clans called "Shipwreck." According to him, the Shipwreck also looks like a broken Clan Castle at start which you can then repair for 50k Gold starting at Town Hall 4. Only a leaked photo was shown in the article but this suggests that we may be seeing an alternative way to battle against other clans in the future.

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