What Is Known About Microsoft Surface Phone So Far

Microsoft is still secretive on the matters concerning the Surface Phone. It's either the company wants to keep things confidential or the phone actually is inexistent. Nevertheless, the amount of rumors coming out about it is enough hint that Microsoft might be cooking something pleasant in the form of a new Windows Phone. Here's what is known about the supposed Microsoft phone so far.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date

Right now, Microsoft is still mum about the Surface Phone. However, the fact that they don't debunk the rumors once and for all clearly suggests that the phone isn't at all a product of people's imagination. Rumor has it that Microsoft is just waiting for 2017's Spring to announce the Surface Phone. It has been mentioned multiple times that the Surface Phone could be released alongside Windows' next update which is the Redstone 2.

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumored Specifications

There haven't been a lot of new rumors about the Surface Phone. It's probably because almost of it has already been spilled and Microsoft is just waiting for the device's imminent announcement. But as of all the gathered rumors, the Surface Phone could come with major technological advancements. Tech Radar says that the phone could sport a new type of fingerprint scanner that is squeezed within the display instead of the traditional exterior one.

Furthermore, the Surface Phone could come with 4 GB, 6 GB and 8 GB RAM size variants. PC Advisor says it could also be equipped with a 21 MP rear camera. Needless to say, it's obvious that the phone will be super hefty and top-of-the-line as it could also be powered by Intel's 2016 released processor which is the Kaby Lake. Internally, the Surface Phone is expected to be a first-rate phone, just like how most flagship Windows Phones are. However, there still isn't a lot of clue about how the phone will look like. Hopefully it will be comparable to the premium looks of the Galaxy and iPhone devices.

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