Microsoft Surface Phone 2017: Rumor Roundup

Microsoft hasn't verified the existence of the Surface Phone just yet. However, basing on the amount of rumors that comes out about the next Microsoft phone, it's almost impossible to believe that it does not exist. The company might have kept silent about it all this time but it doesn't mean that the Surface Phone won't ever be introduced. Rumor has it that the company is just taking its time and plans to launch the Surface Phone at the perfect time.

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumor Roundup

The Surface Phone could actually come in three models, Tech Times reported. The entry level Surface Phone will come with 4GB RAM and the most premium variant will boast of 8 GB worth of RAM. Furthermore, there's a good chance that the next Windows Phone from Microsoft will be powered by Intel's latest processor which is the Kaby Lake. Microsoft is known for its first-rate products with top-of-the-line specs, so it's safe to assume that the Surface Phone will be no exception.

There has also been a Tech Radar report saying that the Surface Phone could have a display-embedded fingerprint scanner, which interestingly seems to be a thing of 2017. It's worth noting that this trait isn't only rumored for the Surface Phone. It's also rumored for the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date

Since Microsoft has been keeping fans in the dark about matters concerning the Surface Phone, there really is no certainty about its launch date. There have been rumors about a Spring 2017 release but since the device isn't even acknowledged by Microsoft, nothing is assured at this point in time. Nevertheless, there is a really good chance that the Surface Phone will be released next year. The amount of rumors and leaks coming out about this phone is enough clue about its imminent arrival. The company might just be taking its time to produce a high quality Surface Phone, hence the long wait.

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