Pokemon GO In-Game Tracker Is Back; Where Is It Available And What's Changed

By Mhico V. , Nov 05, 2016 09:41 AM EDT

The hype for Pokemon GO is still on as fans believed that there will be more event updates to come. But fans must set that aside as they will get more excited as Niantic confirms that the Pokemon Tracker is now back. It is now in the testing stage as it was released on several locations only. Fans can no longer wait as they will get to track their favorite Pokemon soon. 

New Pokemon GO Tracker Is Better And Actually Useful?

Newcomers to the Pokemon GO might not know about the Pokemon Tracker. It is simply because it was removed a long time ago. The Pokemon Tracker is where the players will be able to more or less tell the general area where the Pokemon is.

It had its flaws, but it is better than not having any means of tracking the nearby Pokemon at all. Many have turned to third-party apps or websites, but Niantic soon banned them. Now, the developers might finally have something for the fans.

The new Pokemon Tracker does not show footsteps, which proved to be not that useful. Now, the Pokemon in the Nearby box shows the photo of the nearest PokeStop to a certain monster. If Niantic does it right this time, it might turn out to be more than enough for players. At the least, it will keep the idea of hunting for the Pokemon intact.

Pokemon GO: When Will The Pokemon Tracker Get Back To The Game?

There are reports that the Pokemon Tracker is now available in San Francisco. Many Pokemon GO players have reported that they are able to use the new tracker. It is also reported that players are starting to get the tracker outside the area.

It is still unknown when the Pokemon GO tracker might come out worldwide, but reports are confident it will be soon. Niantic might also prioritize the Pokemon Tracker as they have done many updates without changing anything on the tracker menu.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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