‘Twilight’ Movie News Update: Kristen Stewart Not Interested To Play As Bella Swan, Who Should Play Her Part?

Kristen Stewart, with her brilliant performance in Twilight, earned the name of Bella Swan for the past few years. She has been tagged as the woman who fell in love with a vampire. But with many things that had happened from the past seems like Kristen is already losing the interest of still playing the role of Bella.

According to Inquisitr, Stewart has been blunt of saying that she is not interested in playing the lead character in the reboot of Twilight. With this, fans are asking who could be the best person to replace Kirsten as Bella Swan.

Some Actresses That Fans Believed Could Be Bella Swan, Jennifer Lawrence Included

In relation to this avid viewers of the film gave out multiple numbers of names who could bring justice to the role of Bella Swan. Here are some:

Michelle Trachtenberg was among the choices as she was supposed the star to take on the role of Bella at first. But due to a commitment in Buffy, the schedules didn't work out the way it should be. Another is Emily Browning who became the first choice of Stephenie Meyer, the author the Twilight books. Emily was the top actress who Meyer considered before having Stewart. Lastly, Jennifer Lawrence was also among the list who admitted that she auditioned for the role of Bella but joyful to have been rejected on it. This is because she saw how public Kirsten's life is after taking the role.

Many were also considered like Lily Collins and Nina Dobrev because of their feature and brilliance in acting.

Robert Pattinson Too Old For The Role According To Him

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson is also hesitant to take on the role of the vampire as he believes that his age is not fitted to act like one. According to some source, Pattinson in an interview told:

"I'd be curious what Stephenie would write, but I just think I'd probably be too old,"


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